Customized living – we’d like to welcome you at Casa Moderna.

Design furniture and customized furniture

Are you looking for something special for your home? Then we might have the right pieces of furniture for you.


Our diverse range provides designer furniture for every living area. Our furnishings are characterized by highest quality and elegance. We can also fulfill your individual wishes and produce customized pieces just for you.


If kitchen, bathroom, floors, wallpaper or furniture –  we can produce to your requirements.


Our living concepts are characterized by warm colours, which lead to a relaxing ambience. Your home will become your personal range of comfort.


The right lighting has an important role and should’nt be unterestimated. With the correct light sources in each room, an incomparable athmosphere with the optimal vibe will be created.



A kitchen, which is custom manufactured associated with elegant design, special surface material and high functionality, reveals the perfect combination.


We’re working with the newest techniques and latest materials and connecting these with our selected design. We install only the newest and technically best kitchen products.


With a strong work surface made out of stone or dekton and the work area divided in the sections you like, the cooking will be more convenient.



Are you looking for a modern and innovative bathroom? This can be arranged completly to your wishes. We work with newest materials and offer customized furniture with a huge range of combinations. Our experience showes, that lavabos and bathtubs made out of monolith are a great choice. Monolith is very robust, easy to clean, natural and very elegant with it’s simplicity. This material can be dyed in a range of different colors. Bathroom furniture is possible in diverse surfaces: marble, wood, monolith or even mirror glass.


The floor and the walls complete the whole concept of the bathroom. A seamless floor is very practical, looks good and is easy to clean, but also stone or parquet floorings are being used more and more for floor panellings.


Outdoor area

You’re happy with your living area, but the outdoor area would need some new refinements? Also here we work with newest products, which conjure your garden into a feel-good oasis. Newest floor panelling enable, that your terrace gets an elegant look and is also easy to clean. With the right outdoor-lightning you and your guests will relax and enjoy long summer nights.


Complete solutions

You’d like to embellish your home? No problem, we take our time to plan a complete reconstruction and the interior design together with you. We provide the concept and lead the project until the final realisation of everything. Whether a new building, reconstructions or new interior design with furniture – we find the best solution for every request. Our core competencys are complete solutions for any living area.


If there are structural changes, we ensure the lead and coordination for a smooth collaboration with all the interfaces. Due to many years of experience and collaborations with our business partners, we can offer complete solutions. We’re working together with architects, construction managers, carpenters, painters, electricians, gardeners and craftsmen and therefor can assume the project leading and time management. That’s why our clients don’t have to look after these things. Through the flexibility and adaptability we convince our clients.


If you’re coming to our store, we’ll take the time to discuss your requirements with you. It’s helpful if you can bring any plans, pictures or documents of your living situation, so we can evaluate the best solutions for your individual home.


To our comprehensive range of services we also have many different samples of fabrics, wood and other materials, which you can see in our showroom in Zurich. To enable and satisfy your ideas and wishes, we can also arrange an appointment and come to your place to see the current situation. This is why we have the best conditions for an interior design concept.


Casa Moderna – we realize your home.